Franco Web Solutions

Web Design Process

Franco Web Solutions takes meticulous care to make sure that your website is designed to meet or exceed your expectations. We listen carefully to your ideas and goals for your site and strive to create a site that you not only will be proud of, but will help you achieve the success that you desire.

Initial Consultation:

We will discuss your overall goals and define your target market. We will talk about the look and feel of the site and other concerns that you might have. We will develop a work schedule and you will provide us with graphics and copy. For an additional fee, we will be glad to develop graphics, text and provide photographic services. During this consultation, contacts will be set up between our company and yours. We will also discuss design guidelines such as color, layout and navigation.

Design Mockup:

We will provide for you two design layouts of your homepage. These design layouts will be created using Photoshop. A navigation map will also be provided upon your request. We will discuss the design elements of the layouts and decide which layout to proceed with. Also any changes to the mockups will be addressed. We will solicit your approval before developing the prototype website.


We will post the entire mock up website for your private viewing. Prototypes include all graphics and text but allow for clients to make minor modifications. All pages will be fully navigable. Graphics will have been optimized for fast loading. Web pages will be designed to fit the typical users screen. We will solicit your approval.

Site Testing:

We will test the entire site in both Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers to ensure all components are working correctly. The website will be available for your private viewing on a secure server. We will solicit your final approval before publishing your website to the internet.


We will at no additional charge submit your website to the major search engines. We will also provide you with a list of additional marketing ideas to help you get the most out of your website.

website Maintenance:

We will propose a plan to keep your site up to date and keep your customers coming back. This service is available on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as needed basis, and can be purchased in advance with substantial savings.

Continuing Service:

We will be here for you long after your website has been completed. Whether you need minor updates to your site, internet marketing ideas, search optimization or just want to learn, FWS is here for you.

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