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Your slow WordPress site is hurting your Google rankings and losing you Customers

Who likes lazy loading sites? No one, neither a website owner nor your user and of course, not even Google. If you are here that simply means you got some slow loading issues with your WP website, Right? No worries Franco Web Solutions’s WordPress Speed Optimization Services could be a band-aid to your WP website site loading issues.

Have you ever thought why fast loading websites hold so much importance?

Well, you should know that the Google search engine guidelines clearly mention “Fast loading website” as one of the vital characteristics of a website that contributes in getting it ranked higher in Google results.

Moreover, a fast loading website promises a great user experience. Imagine the bounce rate on your website increases just because the user couldn’t wait long enough to get the site loaded completely.

There is no fun of developing, publishing and promoting your website online if it doesn’t load faster. If you website is running slow you should look for some reliable WP site speed up service provider.

A fast loading website can benefit you in the following ways:

It is believed, “Fast loading website earns more money” and the fact has been proven when brands like Amazon & Shopzilla announced an increase in their revenue when they cut down the page loading time.

According to a survey people admitted they love the fast loading website, for them speed matters over the functionality of the website. An instant display of webpage holds users to stay and read once.
A fast loading website records very less bounce rate which could further favor in more conversions. More conversions mean more sales and more profits.
As mentioned before, speed is one of the major factors that contribute to SEO results. A fast loading website has brighter chances to stand on the top of the Google search engine results.

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WordPress Optimization Package Features

WordPress Performance Optimization

Caching plays a vital role while loading any website. The more it is loaded the more time site will take to display. We work with a WordPress caching plug-in and adjust it to fine tune according to your Website and Hosting Needs.
CSS files& JS eat loads of time and resources while getting any website loaded. Combining both can reduce many counts of roundtrips between the user’s browser and your server. We know how to optimize these two in a better way.
Assuming that most of the developers understand the Google guidelines for writing URL in a standard pattern. No one checks if it’s actually written correctly or not. Having “?” and “&” disqualify your website to get cached in some proxy servers. We will re-write the URL.
Adding a proxy server actually provides a cushion between your and user’s server and it helps in fast loading of websites.
Adding too many plug-ins or widget may also affect the site loading speed. We perform a detailed analysis on which plug-in is truly required and will remove the extras.
All broken links and web pages which are no more available needs to be deleted from the root directory. Otherwise, the user requesting for these URL will keep on waiting for getting page loaded and will leave the website soon

WordPress Optimization for Mobile

Optimizing a website for mobile needs more intense and entirely different approach. Need to check and create a balance between lighter elements fast, and heavier elements. The main target is to reduce that “time to first byte (TTFB) “.
A full-fledged HTML file will surely have lots of comments, white spaces, and unnecessary tags. Identifying and elimination of such unwanted elements can improve the site speed.
There are many tools available to compress the images to the required size. The heavy images contribute in the loading time of the webpage.
Completely technical job, this optimizations job can be performed within the .htaccess folder. Examining and modifying various files, subfolders and adding commands are involved in this process.
You might have used many emoticons to create crisper and user engaging content on your website including blogs and articles published on it. But you have no idea how heavy these emoticons are and create another layer of JS into your files. Their relevance needs to be checked.
The overall page size needs to be reduced, we check each and every element that could be converted into a lighter version or eradicated if required to make your web page lighter in size.

Frequently asked questions

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WordPress Optimization Extra

We offer something more than just website speed optimization services. Our website speed up services doesn’t just end with delivering you a website that loads faster than before. We understand there are many indirect factors and after-sales services that need to be taken care of. And for which we do not charge any single penny extra.

To elaborate more on this, the following have a look at the brief description on what will you get with Franco Web Solutions WordPress site optimization services:

WordPress Update
We can assist you in customizing your WordPress updates. Which otherwise is a one-tap job but in case you need any help with it, we can serve you the way you want.

Database Optimization
Proper database Mgt. contributes in faster response times. We can help you in configuring and updating MySQL, managing comments, trash, and all other content of your website

Server optimization
We can assist you for server optimization even if you are using a VPS or Dedicated server. We will take care of URL re-writing, redirecting URL, checking for broken links or dead links, redirecting user to landing pages etc.

Hosting Recommendations
Well keep a check on your hosting services and can guide you which hosting service is best suited to meet up your WordPress hosting requirements

Page-Speed Reports
We will provide you before and after Website speed test report. So that you can check how our WP website speed up services have significantly worked for you.

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