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Top 10 Strategies for Making Your Website Visible in Search Engines

Within each strategy listed here, there are components to be handled and completed. Knowing the strategy is the first step.

Here are 10 elements to have in place on your website so you will be found when your target audience looks for you in a search engine.

1. Define your keywords. Brainstorm every possible word someone might type into a search engine if they didn’t know of any website on the topic of their interest. Imagine yourself as new to your topic, not knowing the main words that apply.

2. Do your keyword research. Find out how many people search for every single one of the words you came up with every single day. Choose the ones you want to focus on in your content and keyword placement on your webpage.

3. Repeat steps 1-2 on every page of your website.

4. Next you will need other websites linking TO you. Define where you want these links to come from. Brainstorm every possible topic that may relate to your topic without competing with it. For example: If you are a parenting coach, a related site may be a site that sells toys or games or children’s clothing, etc.

5. Contact the owner of the site and offer to include their link on your site in exchange for their putting your link on their site. You could even make your offer more inviting by having an affiliate link from their site to yours so they make a commission on sales that may come as a result of their link referral.

6. Another way to get links back to your site is by writing articles and submitting them to article submission places. This approach could have a viral effect since your article would be available for posting content on other websites as well.

7. When you post in forums, be sure to include a signature line to be shown after your name when you post. By having your link in the signature line, you receive yet another link back to your site.

8. Create your own blog. In your blog, include your website link. You can also include your autoresponder subscribe form here as well.

9. While we are on the subject of blogs, as long as you are going to have people visit there, follow all the same rules for search engine visibility there. Use targeted keywords in writing your content. Be sure you have placed your keyword strategically on the page. Link from your website to your blog and vice versa.

10. Find blogs that interest you in any topic and post relevant comments to those blogs. Always include your signature line with your url so any time you communicate online, your website url is included.

There are plenty more things you can do, but this is enough for now!! If you already have the obvious done with your keywords and content, get typing and get links! If you aren’t sure how your website is doing and want to assess it just visit and take the FREE assessment for your website.

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