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Search Engine Optimization

Improve Local Search Results

At the most basic level, what is it most local business marketers really want when it comes to search?

  • They want to make sure they're included in search results
  • They want to be accurately listed, with their business name, description, location, and phone number correctly displayed.

It's only after these two goals have been met that marketers can be really interested in improving their visibility and results. Unfortunately, these very basic needs aren't being realized for many businesses today, meaning prospective customers can't easily find them, contact them, or walk in their doors.

The following four steps will help insure that your business is fully and accurately represented in local search engine results and Internet Yellow Pages. Work through the following steps if you want to list you business yourself:

  1. Update your business directory listings. Visit the Amacai, infoUSA, and Acxiom web sites. There you can find your business listing and verify or update it as needed.
  2. Submit your site to local search engines. Submit your web site to local search engines such as Google Local, MSN Local, Yahoo Local, Ask Local, and TrueLocal or click on the image link below for some help.
  3. Update your Internet Yellow Pages listings. Likewise, find and update your listings at, Verizon SuperPages, and or click the links below for some help.
  4. Feature your address on your web site. Make sure your physical address is prominently displayed on your web site. This tells search engines what "local" means to you. Obviously, list your address on the "Contact Us" page, but make sure it's also included on the home page or even include it in the footer of every page. In addition, make sure you use words on your site that describe the geography you actually serve, such as "San Diego-La Jolla area," "San Diego Metro Area," or "state of California."

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Or you and try an easier way ! ! !

Franco Web Solutions in partnership with Dex Search Marketing , a premier Internet company is focused on getting your business information listed on the internet accurately and effectively. The goal of Dex is to provide a central point of control for a business to share its information with the leading Internet search properties, where users are conducting searches for local-based products and services.

Dex Search Marketing enables effective advertising exposure for businesses through a diverse mix of business information suppliers that include Search Engines, Internet Yellow Pages, and local search engines.

Search Engine Placement & Optimization

Franco Web Solutions is a leader in web site visibility and search engine marketing. Whether you're looking for pay-per-click traffic, top search engine rankings, or global search engine placement, Franco Web Solutions delivers with exceptional professionalism.

Surveys have found that 99% of all internet users use at least one of the ten major search engines to find what they are looking for. If your web site is not found within the first few pages of a search query, then the odds of your web site being found are close to non-existent.

Many marketing companies on the web submit your site using automated systems, which most search engines have banned. Unless your site is properly formatted, the search engine spiders may not list your web site, or you will be poorly ranked, or your site may be banned from their search engine database.

"You may have the best looking site on the web, or the best product that everyone is looking for, but if no one visits your site, you're not going to make any money."

The Top Search Engines Include:

Google - search engine

Iwon - search engine

Yahoo - search directory

Looksmart - directory

MSN - search engine

Lycos - search engine - search engine

Excite - search engine

Overture - pay per click

Open Directory - directory

AltaVista - search engine

Fast - search engine

HotBot - search engine



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Franco Web Solutions provides several levels of search engine submission and optimization. All submissions are done by hand and are done in accordance with the rules of the particular search engine. Meta tags and keywords are added to your home page and 5 additional pages.

Basic First Time Submission


  • Insert clients list of keywords and meta tags
  • Title Pages
  • Hand submit to above search engines

Premium Submission and Analysis


  • Competitive Analysis
  • Create keywords, meta tags based upon analysis
  • Create effective page titles for up to 10 pages
  • Optimize text as needed for up to 10 pages
  • Consultation with client at outset and at 30 days
  • Hand submit to above search engines
  • Submit to paid inclusion sites (client pays search engine fee)
  • Search engine ranking report at outset and at 30 days.

Monthly Submission Service


  • Optimize keywords and meta tags up to 10 pages
  • Optimize site text up to 10 pages
  • Ranking Report
  • Hand resubmit to above search engines

*The above fees do not include current charges assessed by the search engines or bids for placement.


Other Design Rates and Services

Web Design
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Database programming
Flash Animation
Audio, Video Editing
Web site maintenance
(Call for contract pricing)
E-commerce maintenance (Call for contract pricing)

$50.00 hr
$50.00 hr
$50.00 hr
$50.00 hr
$50.00 hr
$50.00 hr
$50.00 hr
$50.00 hr

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