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Resources and Cool Links!

Franco Web Solutions strongly believes that the internet offers an unparalleled opportunity to educate and inform our visitors about web design, graphic design, e-marketing, branding and various other subjects pertaining to our core business. Please enjoy these links to articles that we hope will be of interest to you.

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General Business Links...

Domain name search and registration will help you find a name for your web site.

You can also search the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to see if anyone has already registered a trademark for the company name you have selected.

For small business startups in San Diego, you can also search the San Diego County fictitious business name database and file your business name online.

By signing up for a national Do Not Call Registry database maintained by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), consumers can indicate to telemarketing agencies that they do not want to receive phone calls soliciting the sales of goods and services.

You can find a wealth of information concerning privacy and safe surfing on the internet at the Privacy Rights Clearing House. Check this site out before giving any personal information out on the Internet. A few minutes of research on this site can save you a wealth of heartache down the road.

Toll Free Phone Service

The following are links to toll free phone services with very reasonable rates:



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Web Information Articles

""6 Steps to Professional Logo Design

""7 Online Copyright Myths

""9 Tips for Better Copywriting

""14 Ways to Protect Your Computer from Viruses

""21 Must-Have web site. Elements

""22 Ways To Grow Your Subscriber List

"""About Us" Pages in Small Business Web Sites

""Beginners Guide To Content Management Systems (CMS)

""Building an Email Address Database

""Designing Successful Newsletters

""Do-It-Yourself Letterhead

""Don't be a Victim of Small Business Internet Crime

""Delivering Your Email Newsletter

""Finding Good Keywords for Your Site

""Getting Content for Your Site Free and Easy

""Give a Professional Polish to Your Web Site.

""Glossary of Web Terms

""How Flash Text Animation Can Help You

""How to use eBay auctions to drive traffic to your site

""Ineffective and Unethical web site. Promotion Methods

""Perfect Your Proofing

""Selecting a Quality Domain Name

""The Essential Rules of Marketing

""The Three Principles of Image Optimization

""Top 10 Strategies for Making Your Web site. Visible in Search Engines

""Transfer Your Web Hosting the Right Way

""Turn Your Email Sign-Off Into Results

""Web Accessibility

""Web Design Process

""Where's Your Content?

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Free and Almost-Free Software

""MSGTAG - a nifty program for receiving notification when your emails are opened by the recipient.

""JAlbum - program for creating online and stand-alone image portfolios and albums

""Easy Thumbnails - program for generating thumbnails; super easy to use

""iTunes - download the your favorite MP3s and convert to various audio formats; versions for both Windows and Mac

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Software Updates

""Adobe(Macromedia) - links to update all Adobe and Macromedia products

""MS Windows - web site. checks your system for version of MS Windows on your system, and then advises on update status

""MS Office - offers updates for various versions of MS Office

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Links for Popular Plug-ins

Get  Adobe Acrobat Reader      Create PDF online  

Get Adobe Flash Player      Get Shockwave Player  

Get Quick Time     Get Real Player   

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