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Promotional Services

eNewsletters and eMail Ad Campaigns

In ten short years, the Internet has dramatically changed the way people communicate, shop and look up information. Seventy five percent of the nation is online and email is the most popular activity on the internet. People want to stay informed and email has become a favorite communication vehicle. Smart businesses understand this and are utilizing email as a tool to help them communicate with their customers.

Your customers really do want to hear from you. They want information that will make their lives easier. Your customers want to know when you are having a special event or promotion. They want to hear about new products and services. People desire information that will save them time and money. You owe it to yourself and your customers to keep them informed.

But why email? “Technology makes the difference.” No other communication vehicle offers as many unique and valuable benefits…

Unobtrusive and Convenient: People view email at their leisure; when they feel like absorbing information. This is a perfect time to reach people and share information about your business.

Targetable: Your database is one of your most valuable assets. It contains a list of your best customers.

User Friendly: Email recipients are in control. They can opt-in, opt-out or change their profile preferences depending on what type of information they wish to receive.

Measurable: Each email campaign is measured by “opened” and “click-through” activity. This adds a whole new dimension to measuring your “Return on Investment.” No other advertising vehicle can offer this type of accountability.

Live Functionality: Hot links give recipients the opportunity to conveniently access additional information.

Interactive: Receive valuable customer feedback through surveys and contests.

Attractive: Vibrant colors, imaginative designs, photos, graphics, even motion and sound can be incorporated into your email campaigns.

Self-populating: Web site visitors opt-in through a subscriber sign up tag on your web site and email recipients forward to family and friends who can also opt-in. Your database will continue to grow automatically.

Newsletters have become a very popular way for successful businesses to tell their stories. We provide many production options for newsletters and can offer a solution for every budget and deadline requirement. Get an email newsletter template custom designed specifically for your business, utilizing your company logo and color palette.

Drive web site sales, retail store visits, ticket sales, or qualified leads – whatever your goals, using an eNewsletter makes it easier to achieve them. Contact us for a quote to create a colorful, eye-catching, readable eNewsletter or email ad campaign.


Banner Ads

Franco Web Solutions has a team of talented and experienced graphic artists working hard on your projects. You can feel very comfortable when dealing with Franco Web Solutions, because we care about you and your business. We promise to give you the best service available.

Once you submit your order we will get started on your project, and within 48 hours you will see the first draft of your banner(s), and then we will edit and tweak them to your specifications, with a 100% money back guarantee.

Banner Prices

Below are the prices for the standard banner sizes in use. If you would like a different size banner designed please use one of the contact methods above and we will give you a price on it.

468 X 60 Pixels (Full Animation)
234 X 60 Pixels (Half Banner)
120 X 240 Pixels (Vertical Banner)
120 X 90 Pixels (Button 1)
120 X 60 Pixels (Button 2)
125 X 125 Pixels (Square Button)
  88 X 31 Pixels (Micro Button)



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