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Borrego Community Health Foundatioon

Borrego Community Health Foundation is a collection of clinics located in San Diego and Riverside counties. They wanted a site that would feature each clinic but would also present a unified corporate image.

As the foundation expands, the site expands with it and is able to address both present needs, as well as any that expansion brings in the future.

Their mission is to reach those that have no healthcare opportunities through no fault of their own.



Borrego Civic Foundation

The Borrego Springs Civic Foundation is a community foundation dedicated to enriching the lives of the citizens of Borrego springs, California.

We chose desert colors for their site and colorful desert images to reflect the uniqueness of this special place.

Since they wanted to be able to update the site themselves, we used the Content Management System, Joomla!, to design the site. This allows easy updates as often as the client desires.

If you find yourself visiting Borrego Springs, be sure and enjoy the beauty and serenity that is found in this wonderful habitat.



CreAsians Designs Home PageCreAsians Designs is a premiere San Diego home furnishings and accessories business located in the Cedros Design District of Solana Beach, California. The owner, Lea Enfield, wanted to add Ecommerce capabilities to her exiting site.

FWS set up the My SQL database and the dynamic pages to access the database. With plans for a Design Center in San Felipe, Mexico, the site was designed with future expansion in mind.






U Need PC Help Home Page

U Need PC Help is a San Diego computer consulting firm specializing in networking, wireless computing, technology upgrades, home and business computer installations and virus and worm detecting and removal.

They needed a clean, crisp, uncluttered interface that reflected their involvement in cutting edge technology. They chose a Flash header to add interest to the site, as well as several additional animations throughout the site.



McDowell Family ChiropracticMcDowell Family Chiropractic was designed for a San Diego chiropractor who needed a site to act as an extension of the care patients received at their La Mesa, California office.

They chose a professional design that reflected their commitment to holistic healing and continuing patient support, via an opportunity to sign up online for their health newsletter.













American Printing is an extension of American Printing, Inc. They wanted to offer their services online, but still wanted to maintain personal contact with their customers.

The answer was to build a site that completed order processing over the phone, rather than via a shopping cart. They have left open the option of adding a shopping cart in the future, via conversion to a dynamic site utilizing PHP and My SQL.


The Vital ForceThe Vital Force is one of the pioneers of online homeopathic treatment in North America, founded in 2000 by Kristina M. Star, CHom. The Vital Force offers holistic consultations in person or online anywhere in the world.

Kristina wanted a clean, professional, fresh site that would represent her approach to homeopathy. She wanted the site built with future growth in mind. It not only presents information on homeopathy, but also on other alternative treatment options.







The Vital Force for Horse

When Kristina M.Star, CHom founder and owner of The Vital Force expanded her homeopathic practice to include equine patients, she wanted the new site to mirror her existing site with a new color scheme. The result was The Vital Force for Horse.

Content was re-written with our four-legged friends in mind, reflecting the treatment options and information that horse owners would find valuable.






Kokopelli Concierge

Kokopelli Concierge is a personal assistant company located in the Borrego Springs area of San Diego County. They offer a broad range of personal and corporate services geared to freeing up time spent on unfulfilling tasks. Their clients then utilize this extra time to create meaningful memories with their families and friends.

They wanted a web site that reflected the ambience of the Southwest, as well as projecting a professional image. They chose the playful kokopelli as their logo to represent the light-heartedness and fun that their service enabled their clients to experience.




Homeopathy First Aid Kits

When Kristina M.Star, CHom founder and owner of The Vital Force decided to market Homeopathy First Aid Kits for hiking and camping, as well as one for horses, she wanted the site to be clean and professional to showcase these unique kits.

She chose PayPal for the ecommerce function of the site. It is straight forward and easy to set up and use when there are only a few products offered for purchase. Each "Add to Cart" button is programed with all the necessary information for each product.

Please visit her site and check out these unique first aid kits using the healing power of homeopathy to treat both people and horses.













Clays of La Jolla Marketing Card - Front Clays of La Jolla is located at the top of the Hotel La Jolla, 7955 La Jolla Shores Drive, La Jolla, California, 92037.

Corporate Executive Chef Clay Borday commissioned this marketing card to mark the opening of his continental bistro. If you have a chance, please experience the exceptional cuisine for yourself.



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