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Use your limited time for something other than maintaining your web site. Let FWS take on that chore for you!



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Web site. Maintenance

Basic Web site. Maintenance

Preparing and editing new web content, deleting out-of-date copy or information, upgrading visuals....these tech chores are all part of the proper care and maintenance of your site.

It is necessary to make changes to your web site. to keep your viewers coming back to your site. Franco Web Solutions will update your site at a price that is quite affordable. Plus, you can have the added assurance of knowing the work was done with a professional eye for detail.

Easy & Convenient Maintenance Requests

With FWS all you need to do is pick up your phone and call 858-752-1079 or email our client support team with your web site. maintenance request. Include any images, text, or files that you want uploaded to your web site.

Fast & Reliable Maintenance Service

Once our web site. management team receives your maintenance request you can expect your update done in as little as one hour and no longer then 3 days from when send your maintenance request email.

If there are any problems, or we need additional information, we will call or email you. Our relationship with our clients is personal and professional; we understand how important your maintenance request is to your business and to your success.

Our standard rate for web site. maintenance is just $50.00 per hour, and we bill in 1 minute increments after a one hour minimum. We also offer several web maintenance contracts. Please contact us for your specific needs, and we will work up a plan to fit your specific needs.

E-Commerce Site Maintenance

While our eCommerce program is quite easy to update yourself, you might just find that with all the orders that you are getting, you just can't find the time to add and delete items to your eCommerce program. Franco Web Solutions will update your eCommerce site, within 24 hours of the time that you place your order.

  • We can add your products to your shopping cart or resize & crop any of your product images.
  • Discounts on Database & Programming Services
  • Receive discount rates on adding new features to your web site. including database creation, or adding new pages.
  • Don't forget Great Pricing!
  • Web site. Maintenance Plans start at $50.00/mo. for 1 hr. /mo. of edits or technical help
  • Need more maintenance time? Just choose 2, 3, 4 hrs or more, it is that easy.

Our fees for this service are just $50.00 per hour, with a one hour minimum, and we bill in 1 minute increments after the first hour.

We also offer daily, weekly, monthly, or "as needed" eCommerce maintenance contracts. Please contact us for your specific need, and we will tailor a plan just for you.


Other Design Rates and Services

Web Design
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Database programming
Flash Animation
Audio, Video Editing
Web site. maintenance
(Call for contract pricing)
E-commerce maintenance (Call for contract pricing)

$50.00 hr
$50.00 hr
$50.00 hr
$50.00 hr
$50.00 hr
$50.00 hr
$50.00 hr
$50.00 hr

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