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Flash Design and Development

Flash is a web technology created by Adobe, which enables web sites to show attractive animations, visual effects and interactivity. Specialists declare this to be the most progressive and dynamic web technology. Currently Flash is supported by approximately 98% of the computers worldwide.

Attract and captivate your web site visitors with eye-catching Flash animations and special effects. Flash web design is a very versatile and popular method to add action to your web site Use it to create a more professional, high tech, or fun touch and make a lasting impression. Flash is also effective for training, and upgrading Power Point presentations.

Franco Web Solutions
implements Flash graphics and animations in web sites to create an attractive and dynamic visual appearance. We also have designed several web sites entirely in Flash, as well as some interactive Flash applications used to enhance regular HTML pages.

Please request a quote.

Other Special Effects

There are a number of scripts and special effects available to upgrade your web design. Examples include disjointed rollovers, slide shows, photo galleries, multimedia product catalogs and animated gifs. Some of these effects look much like Flash animations. We also design logos and banner ads. Please request a quote for these web site additions.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and JavaScript form the foundation of any serious web development project. HTML is the structural coding of the content of a web page, CSS manages the visual presentation and JavaScript gives additional interactivity.

Franco Web Solutions uses these technologies in all projects, thus creating a dynamic and WWW3 compliant, with a contemporary look, for the content of all web pages.

Other Design Rates and Services

Web Design
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Database programming
Flash Animation
Audio, Video Editing
Web site maintenance
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E-commerce maintenance (Call for contract pricing)

$50.00 hr
$50.00 hr
$50.00 hr
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$50.00 hr

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